I Found Doug Demuro's New Car!

I found Doug's next car and it meets (almost) all of his requirments! It is a 6 door Ford F-750 Superduty!


He wanted something to resell. Someone will want this beast.

He wanted something costing between $40,000-$50,000. This is $45,000.

He doesn't have a garage. Perfect! This will NOT fit in a garage.

He wanted something interesting. I don't know how much more interesting a car can get. Diesel. Matte paint. Smoke stacks. Six doors.

A link. Here you go.

Manual transmission. Sorry about that... but you did buy a CTS-V with an auto, so...


So, about the truck. It is a custom 2004 Ford F-750 Superduty. It has a Cat C-7 diesel engine with a little under 300,000 miles on it (not a lot for a big truck though). It is full of lights; 20 on the roof alone! It also includes a train horn and a public address system.

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