What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Well. It turns out 4 weeks of 60 hours of school, 50 hours of work, and 48 hours of sleep will break you. (for those going the math, that leaves 10 hours of time to wash, commute, eat, unwind. and at least 1/2 of that it wasted commuting.

I rode to work in the morning..all was good. and then about an hour in...I just stopped functioning. Couldn’t walk. couldn’t think. Could barely string together a sentence or pick up the phone. and felt really cold (and there is zero exaggeration here)

I think I was about / / <- THAT closer to leaving the bike at work and ubering home. After about 10 minutes, i started to regain some functions. Ended up riding the bike home and sleeping for 4 hours. Went to the doctor and he felt that I had simply run myself ragged with no rest and that he was SHOCKED I didnt drop sooner. He also sent me to get tested for COVID as a just in case (he and the docs at the testing place didnt think I had it, but better safe then sorry)

I uhhh. I’m scared. I’m not gonna lie. I honestly felt that I actually had a bit of a grip on the situation the past week and a bit. And now, I get told I basically blew myself up.

I’m done my semester after this weekend, so thats going to be my time back. But how do I prevent this from happening again? How the hell do I mentally strengthen myself so that this doesnt happen again?

Well, that’s my rant/concern for the night. Hope everyone is doing better than I am.

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