Well unicorn is a bit of an overstatement, but it’s the exact truck I’ve been searching for. Say hello to my new 2011 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X with a 6-speed manual transmission!

I’ve been hunting for a midsize truck for a month or so to serve as my daily driver, 4-wheeled adventure vehicle, motorcycle hauler, and occasional tow vehicle for the MR2. Yes a fullsize truck can do the truck things better than this, but I live in an urban environment where a fullsize is hell to maneuver and park.


For the past year since I sold my Ranger I’ve been daily driving my 1985 Toyota MR2. I love the car, but the ride is rough, it has no AC, its loud, and has zero safety equipment (good lord I sound old). Also, since it was my only car during this period, I’ve been loathe to race it or modify it as much. Now I’m free to crank the MR2 to 11!

By modern standards the Frontier isn’t what most would call well equipped, but I prefer my vehicles to be more on the simpler side. Compared to my previous vehicles (82 Jeep CJ-7, 94 Ford Ranger, 85 Toyota MR2) this thing is downright luxurious. In fact its the first vehicle that I’ve owned that has had cupholders, cruise control, abs, traction control, airbags, power locks, and power windows. 

Is it perfect? no, of course not, but it’s perfect for me!