Plot twist: I'm single dammit!

Remember the girl that took cocaine from time to time? She's back and fiercer than ever last night. So it went this way.

She shows up to the bar, sees my shirt that I hate to wear since she loves it to death and thinks I wore it for her. Gets happy as hell even though I tell her that I didn' was the only shirt that matched. I go outside to take some fresh air while she's also outside talking to someone else. The conversation went as follow...

Girl: ...oh and this guy over there tried to get along with me!

Guy: So, did you??

Girl: Hell no! I would not even bring this guy in my bed and have sex with him. *Looks at me* But if it was Patrick, I would do it right away! Hahaha jk.


She said that phrase countless times already, I get it and it won't happen!

Now here's the scary part. She asks my mother's name, then she says:

"I can't wait to meet her and make food and do my hair like haitians and take care of your nieces.".


I could not reply...I was overwhelmed with the skippage of stages that she just did.

Oh and wait, it doesn't stop here. I'm too nice, so I offer her a lift since it's 3 am. She had episodes of harassements by nasty cab drivers that wanted payment in nature or/and crackheads doing their things (it's not even funny, I don't know how she does it) that lives next to her house. So she's happy, pays 10$ for gas (I didn't ask for anything in return) grabs my arm and says:

"I really can wait to see my Mother in law (my mom!), she must be sooo nice!"


"Oh yeah and you gonna invite me to the apple-picking day from your work right?? You won't decline like last year huh? My father in law (he's a driver for the company I work for) is going, so you gotta be there!"


We'll see...I do have work during these days.

So I drop her to her place and she asks out of the blue:

"Are you single?".


"Oh I'm just flirting with you!".

Ok...Well have a good one.

"Thanks, you're a real gentleman! Good night!".

Good night to you too.

So now I just have no choice to end it all fast...or run!