I found the 3-Series GT's target market!

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I, as a car guy, am what marketing people call an "influencer." People ask me what car they should buy.


My friend, who right now is leasing an Acura TL, asked me today what my top 3 choices are for a new SUV. I asked what he wants to do with the car and he said now that he has a house he finds himself toting around large objects that don't always fit in his TL. His requirements: lots of cargo room, 6-cylinder (he specifically ixnayed turbo 4s), navigation, awd preferred, and $500/mo lease.

This is a guy who over the years has had various sporty cars, like he had a Focus SVT way back when. So I figured he's not super attached to riding up high or SUV-ness in general.


So I figure a 335i GT is better for his purposes than an SUV. Because it's lower to the ground. He asked me to compare it to an Acura RDX. Which, ok yeah it meets his criteria but talk about boring. The 3 GT might not be the prettiest car out there but I gotta believe it's nicer to drive than an RDX.

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