These are the most expensive ones I could find within 100 miles of me.

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Most expensive ST is at this Ford dealer in Thousand Oaks. Sticker on it is $62,830.

The most expensive Aviator is at a Lincoln dealer in Irvine. A Black Label trim, its listed for $84,040. Strangely it shows up when you do an inventory search on Lincoln’s site, but it doesn’t come up in the dealers inventory when you do a search. This could just mean that its still in transit to the dealer.


The last priciest out of them I found was weirdly a Platinum trim Explorer at a Ford dealer in Duarte for $63,645. More expensive than an ST.

2 things of note as well:

  • When you buy an ST trim, you get included in the purchase price, something called the ST SUV experience. You and a guest get treated to a one day driving experience along with a one night hotel stay, a welcome dinner reception, breakfast and a catered lunch and exclusive ST merch.
  • It’s also looking like Explorer and Aviator prices overlap on the Explorer Platinum trim’s and the Aviator’s Reserve trim, which is the Aviators mid level trim down from the first Black Label trim, which itself is one down from the the top Black Label.

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