On the most recent episode of Roadkill, Finnegan and Freiburger picked up a '75 Corvette in Miami that hadn't in six months. They change the oil, did a brake job, and left only to blow the transmission ten miles later


I knew they were coming for Bowling Green. I recent photo on the Roadkill instagram page. They were coming to where I lived! I tried to take them to the best BBQ joint in town but the were probably already on the plane back to CA.

The plan was for them to dump the car in Corvette Museum sinkhole. Instead they hooned it out at Beech Bend Raceway and dumped it a Holley Performance Products. It was in their extensive back lot when I found it. I was very excited to see this car. I'm not much a Corvette fan, but I love the show. I was surprised, just like they were at how good of condition the paint was in. They even left some tread on the back tires!

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