Contrary to popular belief; having fancy coffee every day as a way to avoid being absolutely crushed by a diet is not actually sustainable. But I have found how to make it on my own (with the help of the fancy Jura coffee machine at the office)

Though I know it contains cold brew concentrate (taken from an estranged bottle in a fridge) I couldn’t find what kind of milk they use or if they added any syrup to the coffee.

Leaning over the counter a bit too much revealed that they used this soy milk in the making of the coffee. The cool thing about it is that according to the manufacturer’s website it doesn’t actually contain any sugar.


It’s specially made for “baristas” so even though I scoured around Mexico City’s impersonations of Whole Foods for hours, I didn’t actually find it. But I will get it one day.

Otherwise, leaning over the counter also revealed that they froth 1/4th of the serving of milk and place it at the top of the glass. Soy milk d0esn’t stay frothy for long, but by only frothing 1/4 of the serving they don’t actually lose significant volume (leave the customer with a deflated serving of milk.) and the texture is still that of regular milk.

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