So I tend to drive like an ass and I almost had to pay for it yesterday.

It had snowed the night before and there was about two inchs of snow on the ground. So I came around a corner in a 4 wheel skid, but I let off too long, got too sideways and panicked. I probably could have got back on the gas, countered, and saved it, but there were cars parked further down on the other side of the road, and I didn’t want to over correct and end up hitting one of them. So instead I accepted my fate drove over the curb and up a three foot hill after that. Thankfully my car is taller than the curb, my bumper pushed into the dirt a bit up the hill, there’s still some grass in the fog light. But my bumper didn’t get damaged. Also I let off the brake and steered straight onto the curb so it just rolled right up it, rather than then smacking it side ways, with a locked wheel(old ABS doesn’t always do it’s job). I backed up off the hill and drove on to work. Thankfully, with nothing but my pride damaged. I was the first timed I’d panicked like that in my Galant, but It was a good reminder that I am not David Higgins, or even Ken Block.