I fully expect car accidents to spike in my area

We had to swing by the BMV today, and I got to see the state’s response to continuing to offer driver’s license exams during Covid.

Basically, they’ve blocked off a small corner of parking lot and set up a couple of stop signs, and a yield sign. The examiner walks the test taker around the course to show them the path they should take. Then they stand on the curb and watch them go through it. They never leave the parking lot. They do the whole thing under 15mph because it’s too small to do more. They don’t even do the traditional maneuverability test with this set up.


I’m not sure what a good option would be honestly, but this can’t really give a good indication of ability to the examiner.

Hopefully none of these whipper-snappers drive across my lawn and wreck into my house.

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Graphic: You gotta be kidding me

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