I’m going through one of those moments where I question my sanity. Oh, how I’ve cursed my current rust-bucket project. I’ve sworn I would never do it again; I’ll never buy another rusty car; I’ll never bit off more than I can chew.

But, like any other gearhead, I get urges. I get the itch. I search Craigslist like crackhead whose supply just ran out, frantically scrounging on the floor for any pieces or remnants of the drug that gives relief. The automotive lifestyle is my addiction. Cars are my drug. You people are my inhibitors.

Withdrawals come from that little whisper in my head that tells me that I just need a cool car to work on. When I find something interesting, that voice is there to tell me that I can’t pass it up. I will forever regret not buying that *insert obscure car here*. I see a worn down car and I hear its pleas for help, begging me to rescue it.


Today’s relapse is this amazing patina’d beauty, and it is my first ever German car. It is non running. It was a bear to load on the dolly with two flat tires up front and one stuck brake in the rear. But now it is mine, for just $400. FOUR HUNDRED for a 1977 BMW E12 530i with a 4 speed. It is complete, despite the pictures, and the rest of it is in my truck.