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I've worked in finance for about 15 years now. Mainly commercial real estate, flooring lines, warehouse lines and some fleet lines. I'd been at this current job for 7 years and I built the department from the ground up. It pretty much runs itself now. Recently I was contacted by a former coworker that I consider a mentor and she presented an opportunity of me building a new department with a new company. I took the job on Friday and gave my 2 week notice. A 10% raise in pay, better bonus structure, great benefits and a commute that will be approximately 7 minutes.

I wanted the first day of my last two weeks to be a graceful and thankful bow out. Today I got the cold shoulder from the CEO and my two bosses didn't utter a word to me. While I understand it's a business and we're all here to make money, I was really hoping to get some support for myself, my family and my soon to be born first child. NOPE.

Have a M3.