So I saw a post on Craigslist earlier this week that I just had to check out:

and as I have a crappy 1999 z6e (that I haven't fixed the fairings on since I just finished the mechanical problems (mostly)) I figured I would just do the Gawk portion of the event (this time around).

This event did not disappoint. If you think TwoWheelsBad, then please use the red x button at the top of your browser to leave now. You've been warned. Pictures from my iPhone follow.

So here is somewhere in the vincent-ity of $150-160,000 worth of motorcycle from what the owners told me. Foreground is a replica Vincent (Egli-Vincent) worth about 100k and titled as as a mid 60s bike, in the middle is a 500+cc 50s BMW, and in the back is a mid 60s BMW sport (659r, if I remember correctly).


The 60s BMW was restored by the owner who found it with a pair of high-rise bars , a ton of surface rust from being wheeled in and out of a shop for years and just looked ugly so no-one would buy it. He picked it up for $3500 and now it is worth about $22,000 after the restoration.

A Norton BSA cafe racer. I found out today that the old British bikes were all right foot shift. This one has the lever flipped so the sequential gearing is 1 up then 2,3,4 are down. (I'm pretty sure I would find myself up-shifting while panic braking if I tried to ride it.)


This is a mid-70s Kawasaki 750 3-cylinder 2 stroke. One of the old guys explained to me that these things were nicknamed 'widowmakers.' Evidently these had a high incidence of unintentional wheelies at 80mph. It sounded pretty wicked when it was idling.


This was actually the oddest bike there. It says it is an Indian, and even has the famous emblem up front...It's a Kawasaki that the owner decided to dress up as an Indian. Cool guy who loves a laugh.

No details on this one. Classic Triumph 'nuff said.

There were a few late arrivals of which I did not get photos, but they were mainly old BMWs.


All in all, a great morning.