The conclusion of the debate:

Moderators“Where the fuck are you getting the money for your programs if you’re not raising taxes on the rich?”
Meade: “My proposals are almost revenue neutral”
Anaya: “Bureocracy!”
Obrador: “CORRUPTION!”
Rodriguez: “I’ll fire these assholes!”

Why are politicians so fucking gutless when it comes to taxes?

Look, stop spoiling us, we can’t have public healthcare unless we pay for it. Grab your spine and tell all of us, unwilling, selfish, greedy assholes in the 15% to pay more taxes.

I FUCKING DARE YOU to go against your friends and enablers and make us pay for the services we use.

You know who else said they could increase government without taxes? VENEZUELA. They seem to be having fun nowadays.

Also, where the fuck did women go in this debate about economics? or the indigenous people?

They went to fuck themselves. Because these people won’t address them.

Their ecological policy also sucks, but at least non of them denies global warming.