I get home from shopping and..

I find an orphan pressure washer on my doorstep! Woo! Wish I could keep it.

It’s surprising and it’s not. I’m the local small engine guy. People leave what they want fixed with a note.


When it’s done I put it back out with an orange tag and a description of what was done. They leave something in exchange. Sometimes it’s beer (can’t do that anymore though), Venison, gas cards, etc.

What’s funny is who and why.


This belongs to my Landlord’s maintenance guy. He’s repairing the house next door. And needed the pressure washer to clean the inside of the house. The inside! Think about that.

It wasn’t just the inside either. They took a full size pickup and a car trailer to the dump seven times with crap from the yard! I tried warning the management company.


And.. That’s why I side with HOAs or Townships in most of those FP articles with clickbaity headlines most of the time.

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