I get it now

I’ve had my NC mx-5/miata for 10 months now and used it as my daily during that time. I’ve put 11.500km on it during that period, mostly top down, and almost always with a smile on my face.

I’m by no means a miata fanboy, and my initial thought when I bought it was to buy it in winter, drive it around a bit, flip it in spring, and make a quick profit. I ended up keeping it a little longer.

I’ve had 2 rx-8s before, and always considered them to be the best driving cars I’ve owned. Being closely related, the NC mx-5 naturally drives almost like a rx-8, with the added benefit of it using half the fuel and having a more reliable engine. For me, it was a perfect commuter car, making my way to and back from work a lot more interesting.


Anyway, it’s time for something different. I’ll need something more family oriented from tomorrow on. It’s going to be picked up by it’s new owner this friday, and I’ve been looking for something with a backseat to replace it for a few weeks now. The plan is to get me something family friendly that’s useable on a daily basis and then replace my girlfriend’s Giulietta with something more fun (still with a backseat).

There’s probably going to be another mx-5 in my life at some point, but right now, miata isn’t the answer.

Of course I didn’t drive it on stock wheels
I’d say cheeky on the official BOM tyre stick out gauge

And I even managed to still make a little profit selling it :)

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