I get to toast/drink to myself tonight (personal sh!t)

Because I finally cut a parasite out of my life!

Honestly feel a bit dumb that it took me this long to figure out how bad/stupid of a person she was. Maybe it was nostalgic rose colored glasses of our middle school days. Last year, she led me on under the guise of raising my confidence (I was an idiot), and talked nothing but crap about her bf whenever we hungout, and I paid for those meals and drinks as a friend. But it took the combination of her admitting she was only with her current bf because he had a car and a place to live (she’s got no money and no driver’s license) and was trying to hook up with an old ex she wanted to eventually get back with whenever her and her current bf broke up as we were watching TV this evening.


So what’d I do? I drove her ass back to her apartment and went to play Halo 3 with my better friends as I normally do from time to time. She through a tantrum as I made an excuse as to why I was dropping her off, texted me saying we were officially no longer friends, followed by trying to figure out what she did wrong, many apologies, then finally telling me her and her bf broke up. What was my response?


I can’t be bothered with something that isn’t and no longer is my problem.

Time to drink my bourbon and watch Saabkyle04.

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