As some of you may know, I'm in the intense process of rebuilding a 2002 touring and, while doing this, convert it to a 5-speed Kügelfischer tii and add some other goodies.


My other project, a Fiat Dino 2400 Bertone Coupe, hasn't been touched for a while, which is a shame. But keeping that car on the road is a real time-consuming challenge: Every time you take it for a spin something WILL break. Really.

Luckily my friend and fellow-Dino Coupé owner Leo Dijkstra is more successful in keeping his small collection running, he just updated his Dino engine (the picture above is his green Dino) by adjusting the contactbreakers and cleaning/overhauling the carbs. And while he was busy doing the latter, he had the air filter removed. And then, the glorious Dino V6 sounds like this, clearly one of the best sounding engines ever (Yes: this will run about 8000 RPM, seriously!): Enjoy!

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