I’ve written before about how parking rules are just not enforced at the campus where I work. Students park wherever they want and rarely, if ever, get ticketed. I’ve overheard them talking to each other: “....park there all the time, I never get a ticket. UPD doesn’t give a s**t. Today I’m parked next to the President, no joke.” - “Dude, me too - I just move to a different staff lot every few days, been doing it all year...”

This is part of the problem, right here:

Illustration for article titled I Give Up. Its Friday Anyway

Besides the obvious taking up of two spaces, this is one of two pickups that regularly parks in one (or simultaneously both) of these “15 minute parking only” spaces - the only two anywhere on campus - that happen to be conveniently located right next to UPD’s office. This truck and the other one that parks there are both owned by UPD officers.

So if they start to enforce the rules on others, they won’t be able to park wherever they want, either.

Like I said, I give up. Life’s too short to worry about where other people park, so long as I can find some place to put my little car and walk my able body into work.




But it’s a little tempting to call them and report this illegally parked vehicle. “Umm yes we’ll umm... look into it...” *sound of jingling Toyota keys*

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