So this year for Christmas my inner spoiled child got some cool car-related stuff, but my favorite things were probably the three Ferraris I got. One was a Lego F40, one was a 1/18 Bburago LaFerrari, and one was a app controlled Enzo.

Here’s the F40. It’s probably my favorite Lego set. Ever.

The Enzo was also really cool. It’s controlled by an app on my phone and the car itself is really detailed and about 1/16 scale. I also taped my GoPro to the front and streamed footage to my iPad while controlling it my phone to create a sort of driving simulator in my house.


Here was the setup.

Last but not least was the Bburago LaFerrari, which is the only 1/18 in my collection that I’ve DLMed. I don’t regret it for a second.


I might do an LaLD review of it at some point.

Here’s all three together:


I’ll try to take better pictures of everything if ever have time (haha yeah right).

Also, I was supposed to post this a little after Christmas but I never got around to it. Sorry.