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I Got 90,000 Miles Out of the Michelins

Lasted *90,000 miles on the Michelin Defender LTX M/S tires. I wrote an update about a year ago before the WK2 hit 100,000 miles. Total runtime was 42,734 miles (November 17, 2015) to 131,941 miles (February 9, 2018).

*89,207 miles...but there was over 800 left in the bank.


I just bought the same tires since I may end up taking the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee over 200,000 miles before 2021. It’s been disgustingly trouble free.

Tires, install, warranty, and disposal, were $1,095.40. If I can get these tires to 109,540 miles (that would be 241,481 miles on the WK2), then the tires will cost me a penny a mile. We’ll see how it goes since a single nail throws off everything.


I think this update was back around 55,000 miles on the tires.


Here’s the update after 38,000 miles on the tires.


Oh lawd I missed how smooth, quiet, and comfortable these tires are when new!! Mmmm...

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