I got a bird for my cubicle, now all my coworkers have them

Back in July, I posted about what I had festooned my cubicle with. It got some laughs and instead of becoming that eccentric person with a bird, I decided to get the rest of my coworkers bird to further propagate the joke. If you want an insight into my sense of humor this is it.

First came Larry Bird.


Got him at a yard sale for a $1, but he wasn’t the only bird I got that day. I also got Flight D. Eisenhower.

However, he didn’t get put on display until the bird for Janelle came in from China.


In addition to covering up half her name, I put Quackie Chan on her name tag. Not the best quality on, but a bird, nevertheless. The most recent addition is Russel Crowe, also from ebay.


I’m just glad my coworkers pretty much share my sense of humor. 

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