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I got a close call today...

... and I still feel freaking terrible about it. I NEVER have close calls, nothing ever goes wrong, and I make sure close calls simply don’t exist in my life in spite of what I do for a living. Today though, I wasn’t working... So I took my own car with a friend on local mountains, followed by another friend and his 400+hp Skyline. I drive fast on those roads, it’s not new, but I keep it as safe as possible. Of course I catch up with people from time to time, they let me pass, they don’t... it varies. I also know that those roads are used by other people like me, driving or riding very fast on cars or bikes... I keep all those factors in mind and I drive accordingly. But today something went wrong... I caught up with a Honda who was enjoying the road like we were, but driving quite a bit slower than us... I got behind him, slowed down, still keeping a decent pace and after a few corners, the driver in the Honda pulled his warning lights and went as close to the left side of the road as possible to let me pass... I told my passenger something along the lines of “Not exactly the best place to let me pass...”. The road was real tight, blind corners after blind corners... I downshifted into first as the Honda almost came to a stop and I passed him, putting over half my car on the other lane, sticking as close to it as possible, but still going quite over onto the other lane. That’s when 6-7 bikes going at Mach 2 uphill came out of nowhere from the next corner.

The two leading bikes were GOOD riders... They knew what they were doing. That’s mainly why they are still alive. I threw my car back onto my lane, still in first gear, probably real close from touching the Honda... they narrowed their turning radius, sticking even more to the inside in a fraction of a second... And it was over... I was back on my lane, the other bikes would pass on the other lane and everyone was alive.


FUCK. ME. Why did I pass the Honda? Yes it was stopping to let me pass, but I shouldn’t have gone there, it just wasn’t right... Worst is that people letting me pass on sketchy places happens ALL the freaking time... And I go for it... I pass. And it went fine all the time. Today could have ended real bad though. Real fucking bad and I feel absolutely terrible about it...

Stopping behind the Honda to force him to let me pass at a better spot would have been surely better... Yes, someone might come behind us at Mach 2 and crash into our asses, but a head on crash with one or two bikers... Fuck.


I am NEVER passing a car that lets me go if they stop on a sketchy spot ever again. Fuck close calls... Seriously, fuck it.

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