I Got a GX 470!

Over this past weekend I went up to Chicago to get a GX470 that has spent all of its life in North Carolina. Its an 05 with just over 103K miles.

We took my E39 up and back. It was a champ for the ~650 miles. Though it did have alittle bit of a BMW fit in that it didnt like Chicago as it through the TCS light coming out of Illinois. It then went away when we stopped at a rest stop in Ohio.


So in the 400+ miles i have driven the GX470, I am impressed. It takes the bumbs with no problem. Great turning radius for how big it is. The GX does have some lean to it in comfort mode but sport definitely is tighter and more responsive. The interior is possibly the nicest I have even had the. The dash has a few cracks as Driver_41 said happens. I am going to check the recall status to see if its covered. If not its still not that bad.

A few things I found out driving back. The car had sat for almost 9 months so there is some shaking of the cobwebs off. The wheels have a little shake to them and as we were driving back it was greatly reduced but might need to be re-balanced. The over for the sun roof likes to rattle on big bumps. So have to figure that out. Also some surface rust on the under body but fairly clean for the age, might consider have the bottom coated again as its going to see Ohio winters. Also need to attach a hitch, luckily wiring is already there.


Overall very pleased with the purchase. I would like to thank all the people from the previous post helping me to decide on buying it. And the family was also overall happy with the purchase as well. And a full review to come.


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