Despite the fact that it was raining and I wasn’t feeling 100%, I went to the junkyard with a coworker.

We had talked about going to the junkyard at work on Friday since we were both free. He was looking for some interior lights to incorporate in the phone holder he’s making.


It’s no longer that bright, that’s from the first iteration. He was able to get three from a couple early E90s. What did I need? I needed a wiper arm cover. I needed part #4.

I lost it at some point last year; it had come off when I was scraping ice off my car and I guess the plastic was too cold to correctly reseat. I thought about buying a new one, but the BMW dealer wanted $20 for a new one and I kind of forgot about it. The wiper arms are differnt on my E90 and my E92, so despite the junkyard trips, I thought I’d need to wait for an E92 to show up in the junkyard. Fortunately, LKQ of Greer had one on the yard. It looks like that I might have been able to get it from an E90, but I didn’t know that until recently. 


The car had been on the yard for over a month, so I wasn’t super hopeful that it would have the wiper arm cover. Well, I’m happy to report, they did. In fact I got both.


I only took a picture of one.




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