I got a new phone! The LG Octane

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It does seem like a step backwards from the env3 in some ways, though. The volume doesn’t get very high, and it’s slightly bulkier. However, at least the screen is bigger. Also, they moved the exclamation point to the B key (instead of the 1 key like every other keyboard uses) (the Octane puts a tilde on the 1-key). The Octane includes the upside-down Spanish question mark on the V-key, and the question mark on the C-key.


The startup and shutdown songs are reverted back to the old ones.

Here is an example of the old songs, used in the Cosmos series and the old VX9800 from 2005 (this video shows a Cosmos, but the Octane has the same sounds)

Here is the song used from the env2 and env3 (the 2 is shown in this video, but the env3 used the same songs)

LG should’ve kept that song for their newer phones.

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