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I Got a new side job!

It's a small car consulting company ala Automatch. But in here, instead of asking the costumer to paid me certain amount of cash (although i'll gladly accept whatever cash they give me, but i won't ask for it), i got paid by the dealers.


It's quite unique practice in here, that if you recommend a friend to buy a car from some kind of dealer, they'll give you some little cash to keep you bring more people in. And because i have a very good friend at Mercedes dealer (that image is not his mercedes dealer tough), i maybe a little bit Mercedes Biased. Although if my clients didn't want a merc, it's okay. Afterall it's a thing that i love to do, and those money are just a bonus.

And today i got my first ever official clients. yay!
He's my friend's friend, that wants a big, 7-seater, good looking minivan that cost less than 40k. And becuase there's quite a lot to pick, i pick two of the best on the market.

The Mazda Biante Skyactiv


And the Nissan Serena Autech

Both are JDM, have a 2.4 L i4, But the skyactiv is do 0-60 faster at 11 seconds vs the Serena that do it arround 13 second. And to make up that slow acceleration, the nissan has 3 TVs, two in back, one in front. Where at Mazda, the TV is optional. Plus Nissan have softer suspension and lighter steering.


We haven't drive the car yet, but i think this time i'll suggest the Serena. How about you, oppo?

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