OK guys, it might be happening this time.

You probably saw my post earlier this week:


The 91 Fox Body Mustang with a new 347 Stroker in it is looking like the best option. Just like the Montego it has a few things left to be sorted out in it. Owner says it needs the final coolant fill and final tune. Engine has started and ran since he dropped it in.


91 Fox Body (actual fox hatchback)

347 Stroker

C4 Trans “with shift kit”, which I’m assuming is now a manually shifted automatic. I’d prefer a real manual for racing but the C4 is a great transmission and great transmissions are really hard to find behind blue ovals.

Holley 650 DP

Need to find out about heads/intake/cam

Roll Cage

Tied Frame

Apparently has 2 fuel systems...and a nitrous set up. Frankly I’d probably remove and sell the nitrous system. This would most likely be used towards tires/wheels.


What do you think guys? I’m trying to set up a plan to see the cars on Sunday.


I suspect my biggest issue will be putting the power of a 347 to the ground off road.

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