I got a thing!

After selling my Jalopnik-approved brown RWD manual wagon, I turned around and bought a friend’s 1987 Corolla FX16 GTS that’s been sitting for like a year. I plan to build it to be an autocross/track car.

Well technically it wasn’t the first purchase post-wagon, first I outfitted the garage with some new tools to prepare for the upcoming build. A used 26 gallon air compressor and hose reel, and a Lincoln MIG welder came first.


Of course things don’t go the way you plan, and even though the car started fine when jumped, and drove up on the trailer to get it home, now it just turns over and won’t fire. So while twiddling my thumbs and thinking about how I’m going to approach this I started fiddling with some little stuff to clear my head. First thing to go was the ugly rear wiper.

Much cleaner now.


I also installed the grille that was sitting in the back seat of the car.


Another possible cause of the non-start and rough running what it DID start was the stock rubber intake hose was split and held together with duct tape. Putting the new welder to good use straight away, I began building an intake from some pipe that was in the car, an intake tube for some kind of Jeep if the sticker means anything. Not bad for a first weld if I do say so myself. I did do a couple more passes to make sure it’s air tight.

Right now I have the parts necessary to do a fuel pump and fuel filter coming, so hopefully I’ll have something to update here in the next couple days.

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