I couldn’t have asked for a better location. It’s three minutes (driving) from work, top floor (vaulted ceilings, yassss), facing west (epic sunsets), in-unit washer and dryer, balcony with living room and bedroom exit, a storage closet, walk in closet, a good community, and less than $100 more expensive than the apartment I had in an awful city with Miss Tesla.

The three downsides are:

- No garage - I’ll have to keep the storage unit. The 453 and the 450 coupe will be stored and the 450 cabrio and the 451 will chill out at the apartment. This also means that I cannot by any means get a fifth car without an first getting a decent upgrade in my pay. So my Miata dreams will be squashed, for now.


- Top Floor (third floor) - This means getting my couches home is going to be fun...aside from that, it’s only going to be a good thing.

After all moving costs are accounted for, I should have a spare $3k to play with as well. Now I just have to convince myself not to buy a motorcycle.

Photo Credit: Hammerheadfistpunch

Side note: The smart in the first photo still has its own frame and internals (see the adorable radiator)...I wonder how they were able to lift it like that?

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