After a several month’s long battle for both improved employment and trying to get housing, I got my first victory!

A super cute apartment that I can actually afford with the job I have now, and will allow me to save handfuls of cash when I do get more gainful employment (hopefully that happens on Wednesday).

There is one weird problem though, I have four or five big things that will not fit in my smart.

I’ve been weighing my options. It would cost me $70 for a U-Haul Ford Transit, and that’s just assuming 40 miles total trip (nothing better go wrong). OR, I can rent a 4x7 trailer from U-Haul for $14. I already have the towing hardware installed on the smart (a gift to myself back in 2014) and would just need to hitch it up.

European and American smart owners advise against towing more than 950lb with a smart as well. And seeing as the U-Haul is 650lb dry, they gives me 300lb to play with (also perfect). Tongue weight should not exceed 200lb (ironically, the factory says this, not smart owners).


The only downside to this being my car’s clutch actuator needs a cleaning. I finally figured out that my car’s transmission issues are caused by a part that actuates the transmission. Thankfully, this thing will either work or not work, independent of whatever load the car is carrying. When it warms up outside, I have to clean it...or just outright replace it.

Have some smarts towing things for your time.

ETA: I also forgot to add where I get my numbers from!

Mercedes-Benz makes a cargo carrier that hangs off the back of the car. It’s good for 200lb of weight (specced by Mercedes-Benz). Hence, the 200lb tongue weight.