Yeah I worked at a warehouse job. I got off my first break and then one of my supervisors said I can't work there anymore, handed me a letter and wished me the best in life or some BS.

I don't know why I was fired at all, to be honest. My friend who got me the job was fired randomly 2 weeks prior, and he had been working there for over a year.

I did have issues with one of the workers who would specifically point out mistakes I did over everyone else, and give her family and friends who worked there (2 children and two friends) a much easier time than me. I was beginning to think it was a racist thing because my friend said I was the only South Asian/Brown person to work there in his whole time there. She constantly gave me a hard time and I wouldn't be surprised if she got my fired.

Oh well, I'm looking for a part time job to do during college next year.

I might start looking for a new car this month now that I have all this free time.