So, I posted here I had two irons in the fire about new jobs. I had an interview with the first today.

Well it looks like I’m canceling the second because they offered me the position. I knew they were serious when they sent a police officer to pick up the village councilwoman that is in charge of personnel from her day job.


This is a little more money then my current job with a higher position most likely opening up after the first of the year.

The big bonus is I’m going from an hour one way commute to a ten minute each way commute. Plus, I’m going from a swing shift of second and third shift working 2 weekends out of 3, and the new job is Monday-Friday first shift and working a couple of hours every fourth weekend.

The other option would’ve been more money but would’ve been second shift and more weekends plus a longer commute. In the end a couple extra bucks an hour isn’t worth the hassle of second shift with a family.

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