...on the 15th, the day of the potential storm of the decade in the PNW.

The storm didn’t quite materialize and we had pretty well planned for the worst. Vendors arrived on time. People did their jobs. Perfectly smooth. It ended up far better than even we were expecting (we weren’t expecting much, just in case, considering we did it all ourselves to save money) and our guests were blown away. We had easily the best flower arrangements anyone had ever seen, the ceremony was spectacular, and the food was excellent. People are still raving when they talk to us or our families. Even my wife’s aunt that has been constantly trying to one-up us since well before the wedding (because her daughter got married a few months ago) was utterly blown away and at a loss for words. We even did it on a smaller budget at a far more expensive venue.

Being married is the weirdest feeling and the hardest thing to really wrap my head around, between how old I am, how long I was single, how long we’ve been dating (we have been talking about marriage since before we met in person), and everything that ingrains in you. She told her sister that she was considering it within two weeks of officially starting dating, which her sister thought was pretty premature, but look at how that turned out. I couldn’t have ever hoped for a more perfect match.


The end of the night involved a ride to our hotel. We looked at the options with her father and decided a modern limo was far too expensive and lacked the class necessary to match the “simple, elegant, and classy” targets we set for our wedding. So her dad found a place that has a fleet of old British luxury cars. Ours was a 1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II...

Since it was late, we didn’t get any good pictures of it, but it looked like this with the same two-tone paint scheme and white walls. Although it was late when we left, we had the car for a few hours, so we asked him to take a long cruise to the hotel. In spite of leaving around 22:30, this car attracted attention like nothing else I’ve ever been in - everyone waved and cheered when they saw us on our 2-hour cruise.

It was a lot of fun. Not that any part wasn’t amazing, but it felt like the perfect jalop way to finish off the day...


Still three weeks left before our honeymoon, though. Really looking forward to that.

(On a sadder note: On the way out, we found my friend that left a little earlier than our send off had crashed his Subaru RX at the bottom of the hill and there was a police car with lights flashing behind him. I felt so bad, but there was nothing we could do. At least he was sober...)

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