... to the Black Keys with Modest Mouse in Boston tomorrow.

Hell yeah.

My wife and I are hitting the road directly from a parent-teacher conference at my daughter’s preschool, checking in to a hotel, walking to the show, hotel for a little sleep, back in the car by 6:30 am to be home in time for kids’ soccer.


Great way to kick off a long weekend, I say.

Our kids are not coming, though they’ll be a little sad - there’s no way we’re keeping them up that late - though they LOVE the Black Keys. I never played Wheels on the Bus in the car, or Raffi. My parents played CSNY, the Moody Blues, Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, that kind of stuff for me as a kid; I see no reason not to play a variety of music to the kids and listen to what they think. The Black Keys are probably the first band they could recognize, and that they requested - which they did all the damn time for a whole winter.

I can’t wait.

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