I hadn’t even driven a car in over a month it took so long! Definitely felt very weird at first, especially with a new clutch which is something I have never experienced. It felt very very light at first but it’s starting to come around to being a bit stiffer already. I still want to go do a bit more of a shake down on it but I may wait a week. The mechanic wants me to bring it back in a week so they can give it another look over after putting some miles on it. It’s not a brand new engine that dropped in so it doesn’t need an actual break-in period. But now I have an 03 WRX wagon with 80k on the engine and 183k on the body. Should last a good while!

I will say that there doesn’t seem to be as much turbo noise as before but I really haven’t wrung it out, only gone up to about 4500-5k rpms. One weird thing I noticed was that the cylinder heads of my new engine are painted black where I’m pretty sure my old ones were bare metal. No idea if that makes any sort of difference.