I got my first family car


I haven’t sacrificed the W123 or 240Z so its all ok. I like this thing, it drives well and has full time AWD with stability something or other. It was an old ladies, a 2006, clean like dealership new, has 90k miles and drives like new. I got it for just under $10K, dealer consignment purchase so they do the DMV bullshit for me, the old lady even has it registered until 2016. I have a bulldog and he needs good A/C, I need A/C when I do shows further south in CA and get stuck in traffic, my old Accord DX with no AC is mechanically fine but I am just not ok with it anymore. So I wanted a dog car, do anything car that I could hose down, something my wife could drive (foreigner learning to drive in the USA). I drove it around today, its great for what its for. I have the Z for kicks.

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