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I got paid to drive a '67 911S and a '67 GT500 and decide which was better

I’ve been setting up this shoot for a while and it’s finally ready to share with all of you. I drove up to Traverse City, Michigan with a co-worker to visit Hagerty HQ where they had allowed us to drive some cars from the Hagerty collection. I got to drive the above cars and choose which was the better 1967 GT 2+2.


Firstly, both cars were in immaculate condition and the 911 had recently undergone a complete restoration and was judged as a 99 point car at a recent concours. The GT500 was also the bona-fide real deal with a take-no-prisoners numbers-matching 428 under the hood.

The car I drove first was the Mustang. Holy crap guys this is the fastest classic I’ve ever driven. It’s faster than a Mercedes 300 SEL 6.3, faster than my Corvette, and it just wanted to light up the tires everywhere. Sadly, this one was saddled with a three-speed auto (what can ya do?) but that just made stomping on it all the time that much more easy. The torque is IMMENSE. It’s just enveloping, it feels like being caught in a massive wave on the beach, there’s just nothing like it. The interior had luxury GT trimmings in classic italiante style but there was no helping the fact that it drove like a truck. The steering was vague, the brakes were numb, and the suspension was rock hard. Not a winding road car, sadly.


The Porsche was intimidating. It hates to idle, it’s worth $400,000 on a good day, the transmission is vague and it’s a dog leg so nothing is where you assume it is. I was sweating driving this one. The steering is frankly, the best old car system I’ve ever experienced. The wheel feels like you’re steering a 1990 Mazda Miata. It is magical. The engine is loud, you can hear the cams, the timing chains, the carbs and the rasp of the exhaust. It’s a real racer, seething with contempt that you are making it idle along at 40 mph, it wants to RUN. Anything under 3,300 this engine is unhappy, it begs to run to 7,000, spit blood on the over-run, clutch out and do it again in the next gear. It’s a real drivers car.

But that’s the takeaway. The Mustang is cheap thrills all tire smoke and noise. It’s like an explosion, lots of noise and energy but it doesn’t really channel it in any one direction. Meanwhile the 911 is a precise utensil of speed, the only joy in that car is the joy of shaving 3 tenths off a lap. Which would you rather have?

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