Then I got to park in a casino parking lot to inspect the installation and expiry date of my child seat, (passed, still god for 4 months).


They recommended that I fasten the seat belt over the booster seat when it is not in use, not mentioning the 150 pounds of tools and automotive stuff in there with it. I did not mention that I have a Corvair with no seatbelts.

I got a colouring book, a reflective snap-bracelet, a report impaired drivers pen (I used to install the boozeblowboxes in people’s cars), Some mountie stickers, and all the safety brochures I could eat, and the bonus of being late for an appointment with a long haul trucker (not renowned for their patience, he thought it was funny). Pain in the ass, but hey, public safety and a free colouring book!

EDIT! I forgot to mention that they had Palletloads of new carseats they were giving away and installing in people’s cars.  

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