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Nothing quite compares to that sinking feeling you get when the red and blue lights start flashing in your mirror. Thought I would share my little NYPD story from a few hours ago with you Oppos who are still awake....


Around 3AM I went out to move my Mustang to a better parking spot, which is the kind of ridiculous bullshit you do when you live in a Brooklyn neighborhood with late night parking rules. I knew exactly where I wanted to park, so to save a little time and avoid going around the block to get down the one way street on the corner, I started to slowly back across the intersection. As I was doing this I looked in the mirror and I saw the unmistakable silhouette of a light bar on top of the approaching car. Whoops. I put it in first and slowly eased up to the next red light. The NYPD squad car pulled up weirdly close. Felt aggressive. After what seemed like three or four years the light finally turned green and I turned left. The cop was glued to my bumper and I just knew I was getting pulled over. The lights went on. Damn it.

5 minutes ago I was on my very comfortable warm couch watching Better Call Saul and struggling to keep my eyes open. Now here I am, sitting in the cold, hoping that I'm about to be only sternly warned about how intersections work, but mentally resigning myself to a good tazing. I rolled down the windows, put both hands on the wheel, and waited for the electricity to start coursing through my body. But then I got a surprise.


"You didn't do anything wrong. I like your car," the cop said through my window. "So, where are those other wheels you usually have?"

Turns out the cop is the owner of another Mustang I always see in the neighborhood. A nice 2012 5.0, just like mine, except silver. I'd often wondered if I would ever run into owner, but didn't expect it would be like this. I got out and we met and shook hands and talked about Mustangs for a while. He knew enough about my car that he knew I was running my winter wheels, and had questions for me about the Forgestars I use in the summer.



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