It was insulting on two fronts. First, the car sounded AWFUL. I’m not sure what exhaust he had on it, or if there was any muffler at all, but it was the absolute classic ‘fart can’ sound.

Something like this.

Second, the car was crazy slow, so the fly-by took forever. From two car lengths back to the time he passed me (cruising at like 40mph) took about ten seconds, so I really had plenty of time to go through the whole process of hearing the thing.

“The shit is that?”

“Oh lord, its that Del Sol.”

“Man, that thing sounds terrible...does that sound good to him?”

“Okay, I mean I hear him coming, but where is he?”

*He passes me but keeps going, except he’s slow so he’s barely moving away from me*


“Oh my god, when will this end?”

“I should have bought a Lexus instead of a Miata.”

“Shift! Shift you jerk!”

And finally he did. But I had to follow him for the next mile and a half, so I was objectively the loser here.


On the plus side, I worked 11.5 hours today and feel pretty great. Lots of OT at the new job, can’t argue with it.