I got some facetime with the Saleen FourSixteen.

Team XCAR got back from a three-week megatour of the US last week, we got up to many things while we were there, but one of the highlights was spending some time with the guys at Saleen.

We're making a couple of films on the company (they've some interesting stories there) the first of which is the one below - Saleen's take on the Tesla Model S, the FourSixteen.


They'll be the first in what'll inevitably be a long line of Tesla tuners. The Model S is a HUGE deal in California, and the people who had a cool, quirky car six months ago are swiftly finding themselves blending in with the crowd. Something to make your Tesla different from all the others may appeal...

I heard a rumour that after the FourSixteen's debut at Pebble Beach Saleen had more than a few orders to convert cars.


What do you think of it? Colour aside (not my thing) I really liked it. It makes Tesla's design look a little bland, don't you think?

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