I’ve been out of work since last July. Last month I reluctantly decided to pack it in and move back to SoCal due to a lack of offers. The day I made that decision I actually landed an interview, and although that one didn’t turn out as planned I got a call about another potential job a couple of days later.

Last month I had a couple of interviews and then nothing - no word either way, but I figured that making it to the third round was a good sign. This week I needed to make that decision to give up on STL or stick it out so I sent an email to the interviewers asking them for status. It’s been two weeks since the last interview so I politely asked for an update. Well, none of those people responded to me, which is fine because HR called and said I was their choice!

The pay is better than at my last job, and I get overtime even though I’m salaried, much like the old days when I worked at Hughes Aircraft Company. Full benefits start on day one. The commute is only 2.3 miles, unlike the 19.9 mile commute across town I had to deal with before. It seems like a decent place to work; most of the people I spoke to had more than a decade on the job and worked their way up. I also won’t have to give up my nights and weekends, unpaid, like I did at my previous job.

The only downside is that it doesn’t start for nearly a month. My current start date is 9 May, but it may move up if all of the background paperwork goes OK, and I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t. I’ll continue to sell off crap from around the house to get by for a while, but that’s something I’ve been meaning to do for some time.

Now it’s off for a celebratory dinner. Today I think I’ll splurge a little and actually get some cheese on that burger...