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I got the most interesting rental car..........

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The VW went in for its first service. Because I am under 25 I couldnt recieve a loaner car so they shuttled me to enterprise where they secured me a compact rental. No biggie, thought it was going to be a Nissan Versa or a Chevy Sonic, both alright cars for the job but no....... I got a fully loaded..... "Denim" blue Chevy Spark. I'm a very small guy and this car is TINY even to me. Features are nice, but the thing is beyond slow... I almost died trying to merge on to the expressway, the pedal was touching the floor and I was crawling in front of traffic doing 75-85 mph.


ALSO this car has THE WORST sound system I've ever heard in a new car, even more horrid than hondas base sound system in their entry levels (that shit is also a joke.)

Enterprise needs to put this thing in a class of its own. srsly.

What's the worst rental car you've ever had?

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