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I got the Saab put back together annnnnnnd....


No spark.


Context is in the article below, but the TL;DR is I tried and failed a rebuilding my distributor, so I acquired a new one from a friend.


But it appears that new one doesn’t work.

So I ordered another new one off eBay, fully expecting that one to not work as well.


I keep wanting to blame the car but like..... unless there isn’t power to the (new) coil (I’ll admit I didn’t check but will this evening) everything is pretty much contained in the dizzy. The fault is almost certainly with the magnetic pickup inside the distributor which, for those of you playing along at home, is the thing that I was meaning to replace on my old dizzy.

The 2nd refurb dizzy was $160 shipped and should be here by the end of next week. A new pickup is anywhere from $20 to $60 depending on what state of disassembly you purchase it in. Part of me wants to hedge my bets and spend the extra $60 on a new pickup and rebuild the old dizzy... but that assumes I can get it back together properly and.... well I’m not hopeful.


BUT ALSO my old Dizzy leaks oil and the seal that needs replacing is hard to find and hard to get at. Not sure I have any good options here. Maybe try to replace the pickup in the inop new one? That isn’t a great option as the problem with reassembling the old old one is getting the mechanical advance springs reattached and my being pretty sure I can’t.

Oh and the new battery isn’t going to fit because I’m an idiot.

Dumpster Fire burns on...

Have a disassembled FJ for your time.

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