And apprently the only way to treat it until the run starts (any day now) is dropping $300 on new gear!

I picked up my PFlueger Supreme XT 40x today


I’m supper happy with my 25x President that I just had to grab another Pflueger to replace my aging Gander 40x reel. I hope it’s as good as the president!

and I’m taking a chance on a new pole.

I picked up the KastKing Krome in a 9"6 Medium Heavy action.


I would have perfered a straight medium but I want the 9'6 length and the MH is rated for the gear I’ll be running.

I never used KastKing nor do I know any one that has used them. How ever I’m pretty stoked for it. Has all the features I was looking for in a super great value package. Plus they are based in NY and it’s always nice to support a business in your own state. check ‘em out to learn more they have been around since about 2011.


what really struck me was I had some questions and called them up, they were super awesome on the phone and even reached out to the guy who designed the Rod to provide me some answers to questions I had. That shows me they care!

Now I have to wait till Thursday for it all to get here and probably hitting the salmon ground Saturday hoping to grab an early runner!!!

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