I got to drive an AZ-1 and it was 100% as cool as you think it was

A few weeks ago I got a chance to fling an AZ-1 around on some Ontario back roads. This is a car I’ve wanted to drive for ages and I came away impressed. I’m not in the video but I shot and edited it myself and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Firstly, if you’re 5'10" or taller, you’re not driving this thing. There’s just no way. I wear a size 9 shoe and I was on the ragged edge of fitting my feet in the pedal box with my shoes on. Any bigger than than and you’ll need to drive in socks. This thing is TINY.


Firstly, this engine, a 660 cc I3 turbo sounds like nothing I’ve ever piloted. It has this high-pitched tinny whistle like it was powered by a large kazoo. It’s seriously smile inducing.

The steering is fast and nervous at speed. Sneezing makes lane changes happen. It also turns about 5,400 rpm on the highway and it isn’t exactly quiet. All the same, it was a ton of fun. Want to buy it? You can for $17k CDN.

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