I made a short video on these cars while I was down in LA for the auto show. I wasn't able to take them out on the road (sad face) but I did get to take a look at a few finished and work-in-progress Derelicts. If you want some HD rusto-mod porn; this might be the video for you.

The video's pretty short but if you want a more in depth look at the ICON process, check out my article here. One thing that surprised me was the buying demographic of these cars. According to Mr. ICON (Jonathan Ward) most of these are bought by people who aren't traditional "car people." He says most people buy these because they want classic looks without classic maintenance needs. I always assumed hardcore car nerds bought these.

Another interesting thing is how they find these cars. They don't fake the patina so if a customer says he wants a teal 1952 Buick convertible, they have to actually find one. It's an interesting mix of what the customer wants and what can be found. Ward says he doesn't llet them get too specific at this point when spec'ing out a Derelict.


He says he has five 'hunters' that help him source cars including a mailman that peeks into overgrown yards along his route. When I talked to Ward he showed me about three cars he had found on eBay that he wanted to buy and give the Derelict treatment. This guy is excited about these cars and he loves what he does.

I came away from ICON with a lot of respect for Jonathan and the crew who build these things. Yes, the prices are fantastically expensive but at the same time, I can see where the money goes. I can tell you without a doubt that I would rather have one of these hand built masterpieces than a similarly priced Lamborghini Huracan.