I got to spend time with a Pre-Production '16 VW CC R-Line Executive.

Today at work we got a bit of a surprise as a rep from VW Europe is traveling to different VW stores to teach us about the new MIB2 Infotainment sytems (VERY cool BTW)

The particular car he brought with him is a Pre-Production 2016 VW CC R-Line Executive in a color we don’t even get. Why does VW choke us with temptation with such vehicles?!


Look at this thing, its gorgeous....

Anyways, a whole new suite of features are being rolled out on many of the ‘16 MY VWs as most of you know and having the chance to play with them has been pretty cool. The integration of Apple & Android is a must for VW, their cars were becoming plain and out dated. This particular CC is an all new model for VW, R-line CC “Executive” so take the R-line we get now and merge it with Executive trim we get now... So basically this is a CC with Every possible option both inside and out.

I think my favorite new feature of the ‘16 cars is the ability to mirror your android devices interface (supposedly iOS 9 when it drops will allow this feature with iPhones) and do things like WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEOS.


The head units are incredibly faster and more fluid than past units and the features are right on par with everyone else. Look forward to new engine choices, trims, colors and features on all 2016 VWs.


I can't wait to trade my bug in now....

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