I got Volkswagens, that's my f*cking problem

And no they never work, that’s a f*ckin’ problem

If reliable cars are your fuckin’ problem

Buy a crappy Golf, maybe that’ll solve it

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In other news, I bought my first actual specialty tool, a flange puller. Now that it’s day, I also checked the Golf’s clutch cable. As I assumed yesterday, it did not pass the functional check (you should be able to push the release arm down 10mm- mine moves not at all). The Bentley specifies a procedure to repair (it seems like a reset) the cable without detachment from transmission, but it requires two people. I also already ordered a less problematic manual adjusting cable from Black Forest Industries. Should be here Monday.

In other frustrating news, somebody finally expressed interest in buying a guitar amp I’ve had listed a while, but he’s doing what I would do and lowballing me. I actually do know what I’ve got. Anybody in the Dayton-ish area want to buy an AC30CC2? Obviously I can’t deliver it to you right now...

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